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New funny pics

24/07/2018 | From Russia with fun

Rare picture: the work of a parking guru
All of the pictures in this compilation make you think "We could have done that?". A way to cook eggs in a pizza, bags to protect your white shoes from dirt, jump-start a car without wires and many other creative solutions for everyday problems

29/06/2018 | Funny things

Onision found his kin
When you see pictures like that, you shouldn't try to understand what they mean. It would be hard or even impossible to find a rational explanation for many of them. So you can just observe the following images without giving them much thought.

27/04/2018 | Bad Luck

Where would you put an amphibian bike?
Coke is one hell of a drug
Humanity soup

22/02/2018 | I laughed to tears

Feeding hated animals to loved ones

09/02/2018 | Funny photo gallery

Mom, do I need to call dad?

20/01/2018 | Strange and Funny

12/01/2018 | Shit happens

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